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Electropolishing 101 Lunch & Learn Webinar

Learn What You Can Achieve with Your Parts in a Private, Interactive Session

Engineers frequently ask us how to reduce the surface finish on their parts to a desired level. Electropolishing can reduce the Ra by up to 50%, but the variables include the alloy and the starting point achieved by mechanical processes, among others.

That’s just one of the many topics we cover during our private, interactive one-on-one and group webinars for engineers, project managers and their colleagues. During the 45-60 minute session, you will learn about the electropolishing process, discuss your challenges, and get answers to whatever questions you may have.

Webinar Details

Let us know when you’re available to meet and the issues you’re experiencing with the manufacturing and finishing of your parts. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about electropolishing via Microsoft Teams. Lunch will be provided!

You will learn:

  • How the electropolishing process works
  • How electropolishing eliminates microscopic defects (burrs, cracks) through precise material removal (reducing Ra by up to 50%)
  • How electropolishing also provides ultracleaning, microfinishing, pathogen resistance, corrosion resistance, and longer part life
  • How electropolishing compares with passivation
  • Metal alloys compatible with electropolishing and limitations
  • Before-and-after results with various part types and applications
  • Q&A

How to RSVP & Alternate Options

Following the Lunch & Learn Webinar, or at any point, you can submit a sample of your parts that we will electropolish at no charge so you can see the results firsthand. We can also provide a quote.

To schedule your Electropolishing 101 Lunch & Learn Webinar, fill out the form on the right or give us a call at (773) 277-1600.

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