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Metal Finishing for the Medical Industry: Improving Sanitation, Performance and Safety

Manufacturers of medical and surgical devices and instruments have no room for error when it comes to the safety, function and hygiene of critical metal parts. The design and creation of life saving medical tools comes with a heavy burden for regulatory compliance and painstaking quality control.

Critical concerns for this industry include the elimination of flaws and defects that machining processes leave behind on metal parts. This presents multiple challenges that include pathogen growth, corrosion, surface contamination, premature failure, & biocompatibility problems.

Highlights of Our Free Technical Guide

Electropolishing provides benefits to the medical industry for a wide variety of applications.

Download our technical guide to learn more. Highlights include:

  • How electropolishing works to remove a microscopically-precise layer of surface material
  • Common and specialty medical alloys that can be electropolished
  • The benefits of electropolishing for cutting tools, drills and blades
  • The benefits of electropolishing for disposable medical devices
  • The benefits of electropolishing for surgical tools
  • The benefits of electropolishing for medical imaging and diagnostic parts
  • How electropolishing creates enhanced corrosion resistance