The Benefits of Deburring Metal Parts | Able Electropolishing

wHITEPAPER: The Advantages of Electropolishing for Deburring Metal Parts

Burrs and microburrs that stamping and machining leave behind on metal parts can create big problems for manufacturers of critical parts like those used in the manufacture of medical devices or aerospace parts.

Such surface imperfections affect the fit and function of metal parts, leading to parts that don’t seal properly or worse – creating debris that can become dislodged near moving parts.

Electropolishing, with its ability to remove a microscopically precise layer of surface material with consistent results, is the finishing process of choice for such parts, for many reasons.

In this whitepaper, you will learn the key benefits of electropolishing for removing microburrs from metal parts.

You'll also learn:

  • Why electropolishing is more effective than other methods
  • How electropolishing works
  • Electropolishing vs conventional methods of burr removal
  • Metals and alloys that can be electropolished for burr removal
  • And more

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