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Lunch & Learn

Enjoy Pizza or Coffee & Donuts on Us

A little unplanned time away from the usual routine doesn’t have to go to waste. Use our interactive virtual lunch to ramp up your knowledge of metal finishing processes and have lunch (or breakfast if you prefer) on us as you join the experts at Able Electropolishing live via WebEx from the comfort of your own home or office.

This collaborative learning event provides you with the opportunity to learn and engage with the experts at Able Electropolishing who will share our decades of expertise in metal finishing processes for a wide variety of critical metal parts. You choose the date and the time, we will have breakfast or lunch sent prior to connecting with you via WebEx for a 45-minute overview and discussion of the key benefits and applications of electropolishing and passivation that includes before-and-after pictures, case studies and videos.

You'll learn:

  • How electropolishing and passivation works
  • The key benefits of electropolishing, including the creation of a corrosion and pathogen-resistant surface
  • The benefits of passivation
  • The alloys and metals compatible with electropolishing
  • The kind of defects and surface imperfections that can be eliminated by electropolishing or passivation
  • The benefits of electropolishing’s ability to precisely control surface stock removal
  • Use cases and the range of applications for electropolishing
  • Use cases and the range of applications for passivation
  • Criteria for considering electropolishing vs. passivation

And more. You, along with other participants, will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the presentation to help you learn how you can incorporate the right metal improvement techniques into your metal finishing needs for a better and more cost-effective outcome, reduced WIP, streamlined supply chain, and ultimately, metal parts with improved fit, function and finish.

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