Electropolishing: The Final Step in Prototyping

Enhance Your Product's Speed to Market

When you are working on prototyping new assemblies, components, or parts, the less times you need to recreate the product, the better. Utilizing electropolishing allows for a prototype to more closely resemble what an ideal finished product should be, and is a beneficial final step in the prototyping process.

Benefits for All Prototyping Methods

Achieving a prototype that closely resembles the final part’s requirements is key to increasing your speed to market. Benefits for of electropolishing can be seen across multiple prototyping methods including:

  • Investment casting
  • Photochemical machining
  • Injection molding
  • Laser cutting
  • Metal stamping
  • 3D printing
  • Direct metal laser sintering and
  • Electrical discharge machining

Free Technical Guide

Electropolishing not only gives metal parts a bright and shiny appearance, it also provides a variety of benefits that help increase a part or component’s efficiency—increased lifespan, rust resistance, and more.

Download your free technical guide and learn more about how electropolishing can help with the prototyping process.